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  • Stable, reliable, and financially accurate

Eliminates redundant “reference balance” type fields that must be periodically recalculated when they are incorrect (particularly in Medisoft). All balances are calculated as needed and are absolutely correct. Provides accurate tracking of provider level adjustments and payments in dedicated accounts without manual processing.

  • Designed to match the real world of medical billing

Organization of the data matches the real world objects and processes to eliminate redundant data or loss of historical data, and it makes the software simpler and more intuitive to use.

  • Customizable windows and listsplay 128

The layout of the information in all the screens and forms can be customized globally and on a per-user basis to allow the program to match the paperwork and processes in the office. You can even have multiple different layouts and switch between them with just a single click. This makes data entry quicker, more functional, and more accurate. Click here to see it in action!

  • Integrated billing, scheduling, and task management

Allows more of the office work to take place in a single application and uses the integration to improve operational effectiveness. For example, before a patient checks in for their appointment a workflow process performs insurance eligibility verification to ensure that coverage information is correct and that deductibles and copays are collected. Or if a patient needs a prescription refill the office staff creates a task for the nurse to send the refill, without a sticky note or separate email.

  • Workflow automation

Eliminates manual operations and reduces the human error component. For example many procedures require that the patient is recalled for follow-up or additional procedures at a certain future date. These are configured once and the workflow automation automatically creates the recall. Electronic claims can be submitted automatically once they are entered and set ready to send. Workflow also automates the backup of your databases and much much more.

  • Validation and medical policiesplay 128

Ensures correct and complete data at the time of entry, rather than some time later after the claim is sent and rejected by the payer. Rejections are reduced and efficiency is improved because it is easier to make corrections at the original entry than later when files or information must be retrieved, reviewed, corrected and claims resubmitted. Validation rules and policies are delivered with the software, plus the partner or end-user can easily create their own policies and rules. Click here to see it in action.

  • Complete data conversion from many other systemsplay 128

Eliminates the need to run parallel systems during a transition period from the old billing system to the new system and you don't have to manually create all of the information required to operate the new system. Includes complete conversions from Medisoft and Lytec including all demographics, financial details, schedules, and more. In Medly Pro and Medly Enterprise the import from your legacy system can be fully customized. Click here to see an import from Medisoft

  • Role based security

Simplifies security configuration as roles are created once and each user account is assigned to one or more roles. When new users are added you don’t have to manually set their access permissions, simply assign them the appropriate roles.

  • Full audit trail

All actions in the system are audited with a complete record of each change; the original value, the new value, the user who made the change, and the date and time of the change. Audit details are available with a single click from any data item in the system without running complex reports or processes.

  • Users are global

Each user account is linked to one or more practices in the Medly enterprise, and the user cannot see any other practices. This is particularly important for billing services to control which users can access which practices, and to keep external users from viewing the list of practices in the system. Once a user is logged into the system they can change from one practice to another without logging out, only a single click required.

  • Local, remote, or web based access

Allows a practice to select the access method that fits their business requirements and helps to control infrastructure costs and maintenance. Medly Cloud is a cloud-based hosted solution that only requires a web browser and internet access. Medly Express, Medly Pro, and Medly Enterprise are installed in your office on your computers. With Medly Enterprise you can access your system remotely using Remote Desktop/Citrix or a web browser. Supported devices for browser-based access include Windows PC's laptops and tablets, plus the Apple iPad or Android tablets.

  • Software Assurance

Ensures that the program and code data meets regulatory requirements and that the users always have bug fixes and new program features. Includes all updates to procedure and diagnosis codes and it eliminates manual processes and technical support to update the system. Software assurance also includes maintenance for the Microsoft SQL Server database engine and related components.

  • Powerful report designer

Ability to create new reports or modify existing reports without purchasing additional software or paying for custom development services.

  • Key Performance Indicators

Ability to create KPI definitions and multiple dashboards to analyze and monitor the performance of all aspects of the practice operation. Dashboards provide at a glance results with sparkline graphs plus they provide drill-down capabilities to view, print, chart, or otherwise analyze the underlying data points.

  • Import and export data

Eliminates manual data entry for data to or from non-standard sources. For instance, charges can be imported from a spreadsheet or other data source, or patients can be exported for collections services or other uses. Also allows items created in one Medly installation to be copied to another installation.

  • HL7 and ANSI communications

Provides out of the box connectivity to payers and other applications involved in the medical office operation without additional costs. Ensures a single source for support for the communications process. Electronic claims and payments, electronic statements, and credit card processing are available in all Medly editions; Medly Cloud, Medly Pro, and Medly Enterprise add a full bidirectional HL7 interface for connection to your electronic health record system.

  • Consistent user-friendly interface

Makes the program easier to learn and use while still providing advanced features and capabilities. All windows work and behave the same way, even if customizations are applied.


Medly Solutions provides advanced medical practice financial software systems to streamline your workflow and ensure you are paid quickly and correctly for your services, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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